The adventure begins

You would think with as much as I have traveled I would have mastered this whole thing. Ha. Yeah, right. But maybe that will be more entertaining for you guys? Anyways, here we are day 3 in Bergen, Norway!!!!! Let’s chat about the week leading up to today.

Saturday, January 16th, found Sam packing the last of her things at 5 AM in Lakewood, WA (about an hour south of Seattle) and hitting the road bound for Santa Cruz, CA. Roughly 13 hours later through some nasty rain and fantastic landscapes, I was able to rest my head in Santa Cruz. Sunday was, thankfully, a much shorter day of driving ending at my parents’ house in southern California with roughly 40 hours to prepare for my trip. Going back to that being “good” at traveling thing- I am a terrible packer. You never know when you will need something! For example, a dachshund-shaped monthly calendar? Hey, one does need to know the date (I’ll let you guys wonder if I really packed that or not). Anyways, here are some of the items deemed essential for this arctic adventure. Yes, that is, in fact, peanut butter.




So I packed, repacked, and packed again. AND unpacked my car, storing yet more things at my parents’ house (thanks, mom and dad). Tuesday morning found me lounging around satisfied with the final product. Maybe I won’t have my batman themed towel, but I would, at least, be warm and dry with a down jacket and waterproof pants. I’d like to say I contemplated what I would have as my last American meal for a while, but there was no contest. After fulfilling my role as a

That Double-Double, though.

Californian, I decided to watch a movie and kill some time since I was convinced that my flight was at 10:45 PM. As I opened up my computer at 2:35ish, I noted a text that I hadn’t seen on my phone. It was a confirmation for my flight departure at 18:20. WHAT!? How had that happened?! I was certain it was later. Nonetheless, I roused my dad with an, “Uhhhhhh, I think we need to leave NOW.” Luckily, my timely packing had paid off and within 5 minutes we were en route to LAX, which was about 1 1/2 hours away. Thank god for car pool lanes and my dad’s NASCAR-style driving I made it to the airport with time to spare.


After the excitement of rushing to the airport faded, it was replaced with a realization that it was actually happening. I was on my way to Norway!  The flight to London passed with watching some movies, TV shows and fleeting moments of shut eye. A seven-hour layover proved to be equally uneventful. But finally at 8:30 PM, Wednesday, I was on my last leg to Bergen! Upon landing, I was thrown off that we did not have to fill out an immigration card, so I proceeded to passport control where the gentleman wanted to play 20 questions. Somehow, he decided to let me in the country, so here I am! After taking a fellow student’s advice about stocking up on the Duty-free alcohol, I proceeded to baggage claim where my bags were already down. I think that is the fastest I’ve retrieved bags, ever. As I walked through the exit, I was ecstatic to see a familiar face! Ida, a Norwegian student that studied at Duke fall 2014 was there to meet me with her boyfriend, Thor (not his actual name, but the closest thing that Norah felt sounded like it). He is nice enough not to correct us. At this time, it was already passed midnight, so the only place I wanted to be was in bed. As we drove, Ida tells me about the apt as she had already helped Norah move in. She says, “it’s cozy.” I envision bunk beds and a kitchen/bathroom combo. At this point I don’t even care, I am exhausted.

So I have rambled on enough for one post, oops. Let’s take it to a new post.








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